Training Videos
The following video was created for the North Star Genealogy Conference Publicity Committee on how to utilize Asana for the various marketing and communication tasks for the conference. This team worked primarily remotely to achieve it's goals.
The following video was created, primarily, for the Centennial Senior All Night Party Planning Committee. They processed hundreds of yearbook photos to create a "Wall of Fame" each year showing the Senior's in Kindergarten, 5th Grade, 8th Grade and their senior photo. This video was to help make the process more efficient and less time consuming.
The following video was created for the Centennial Service Unit of Girl Scouts as a way to train future Communication Reps on how to use the MailChimp account to send out monthly emails and updates to the various Troop leaders.
Training Documentation with Screenshots
At my last employer, I was worked with the training department to create or revise documentation to ensure accuracy and understandability among my peers. Many of these were very detailed step-by-step processes of workflows or software.
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