From 2012-2015, I volunteered my time with the local Yearbook club, working with the students to come up with a theme, design concept and layouts. 
Theme for the 2014-15 school year was "Fade to Red" (or F2R for social media tags). Showcasing how middle school is where students start to appreciate school spirit or school pride more. Homecoming is important, and showing your school colors. Since the colors were White to Red, we said the students were starting to "Fade to Red" and appreciating the school culture more.
Yearbook Advertising Poster
The 2013-2014 book theme was "In the Middle of..." with titles in the book like "In the middle of the game", "In the middle of the class", etc. The thought process was that middle schoolers are "in the middle of" their school years. Too old for elementary, but too young for high school. Like a "middle child" they are kind of on their own, but not necessarily stuck.The design elements were slanted rectangles to give the feeling of moving forward.
The 2012-2013 school year theme was a notebook, with various school tools inside, "pencils, pens, markers, paper clips, ear buds, doodles on pages, notebook page backgrounds, etc. 
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